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What are the pregnancy trimesters?
What are the pregnancy trimesters?

Pregnancy is a great adventure wherein a women’s body goes through a lot of every day. With each new day, there is a new development of the baby and the mother. Pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks from the first day of your last period to birth. The pregnancy phase is divided into 3 stages.

First Trimester: Week 1 – Week 12

The first trimester is for 12 weeks and is very crucial for the baby’s healthy development. Usually, the first stage is exciting for the expectant mother. There are also many changes that a woman experiences during this phase. Sometimes it may cause you to go early to the bed, unusual food cravings, nausea, and a stronger sense of smell.

​Second Trimester: Week 13 – Week 28

As the second phase starts, you may notice that nausea and fatigue may lessen or completely vanish. The baby bump starts showing up and you may start feeling the movements of your baby. Apart from this, a woman also goes through some other physical and emotional changes like:

  •  Increase in back, abdomen, or thigh pain
  •  Stretch marks on the breasts, abdomen, and thighs
  •  Numb or tingling hands
  •   Swollen fingers, ankles, and face

Third Trimester: Week 29 – Week 40 (birth)
This is the most challenging phase of pregnancy for the mother. Physical and emotional changes started in the second phase like to continue in this phase also. A pregnant woman might feel uneasy at this time because the belly starts growing.

Some more physical changes include:

  •  Movement of the baby in the lower abdomen
  • The real sign of labor i.e., contractions begin
  • As the baby grows, there is more pressure on your internal organs which leads to frequent urination
  • There might be difficulty in sleeping, shortness of breath, and heartburn

Get a regular checkup done during all the three stages of your pregnancy at Shenoy Hospitals to ensure the good health of the mother and proper development of the baby.

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