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Shenoy Babies Day 2019
Shenoy Babies Day 2019

‘Shenoy Babies Day’ is a day that rejoices birth and life. It is a day when babies born at Shenoy come together and relive the happiness. Hosting it for two years in a row, this event has now become synonymous with celebrations. The event was a great success with around 400 attendees who gathered at Aalankrita Resorts.
A series of joyous activities and games like Balloon Shooting, High Striker, Trampoline, Buzz Wire, and ‘Snakes and Ladders’ were organized for the small kids that kept the entertainment factor strong. While all this sounds tremendously exciting, there was also a widespread of buffet to relish. There was a photo booth to capture the happy moments of the attendees.

Additionally, there were some delightful takeaways for the guests like a t-shirt, a privilege card, a box of brownie, a photo frame, and a calendar.

The Doctors and “Shenoy babies” along with their families had interesting conversations that took the Doctors back in time to the early stages of their career. The event was graced by Dr. Vidya Devi Shenoy & the team of Gynecologist, Obstetrics & Pediatricians. We also had a special guest Dr. Vipin B who was delivered by Dr. Vidya Devi. He also gave a heartwarming speech about his warm experience with Shenoy Hospitals. He also emphasized on the fact that 17 children from his family were born at Shenoy Hospitals and presented us with two family photo frames with all the babies delivered at the Hospital. His eldest brother was born at Shenoy in the year 1963 when Shenoy Nursing Home was established.
Another overwhelming part of the event was when the youngest (Devanshi & Sanvita) & oldest babies (Arun Sharma – born in 1962, Subaraman – Born in 1967) delivered at Shenoy were felicitated.

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