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Pregnancy after 35!
Pregnancy after 35!

As the clock ticks, your biological clock also ticks and the fact that age is just a number will no longer justify if you try to have a healthy pregnancy after 35. After a certain age, there are several risks and complications in pregnancy that cannot be unseen
Fertility becomes challenging after 30’s and decreases quickly as you cross 35.

Risk of multiple pregnancies

Due to hormonal changes, there are chances that multiple eggs release at the same time. Getting pregnant with twins at such an elderly age might lead to premature birth, preeclampsia and problems with your baby’s growth.

Gestational diabetes
There is upto 50% chance that a woman is likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy at an elderly age. This type of diabetes involves giving birth to a very large baby that puts the mother’s life at risk.

Need of C-section
There are possibilities that a normal delivery might not be possible as it will put the life of mother and baby in danger. So, C-section might be the need of the hour!


About 20% of pregnancies at this age end due to miscarriage. This is because most of the eggs have fetal chromosomal abnormalities.
Birth defects

As the quality of eggs decreases at this age, there are chances of a baby being born with mental retardation or physical defects.

With all the above risks and complications, regular prenatal care is required to ensure a healthy development of the baby. With the best advice and treatment at Shenoy Hospitals increase your chances of having a healthy baby after 35 also.

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