Best hospitals in secunderabad Shenoy Hospital
10-3-4, Entrenchment Road,East Marredpally, Secunderabad,500026, Telangana, India
Dr. B. L. Shenoy
Celebrating the healthcare system’s unsung heroes!
Celebrating the healthcare system’s unsung heroes!

Shenoy celebrated International Nurse Day by giving great appreciation and recognition to all the nurses of the hospital. In remembrance of the endless efforts and dedication of nurses around the world during a global medical crisis, the nurses at Shenoy started the event with lamp lighting followed by the Florence Nightingale pledge. It serves as a reminder to devote themselves to the welfare of those in their care.

We stand in solidarity with all the nurses who are keeping their personal lives aside to care for the infected and sick. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and someday when we exit the tunnel, we will look back on the contribution of the nurses to the cause and the huge difference it made! Wishing every nurse a Happy International Nurse Day 2021! Stay strong, stay safe!

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