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Is your child always cranky, fussy or aggressive?

Let us help you.
Are you a parent who has been having a difficult time with your child?
Well, there are solutions to tackle child behavioural problems that may seem difficult to deal with, like fussy eating habits, bedwetting, throwing tantrums, etc

Shenoy Hospitals help your child grow up healthy.

Screen Time: Allow no more than two hours of screen time for children and teenagers, and if your child is under 2 years, keep gadgets away from them. Also, monitor your child’s activity and be prepared for the mistakes your children make sometimes.
Food-related Issues: Avoid saying things like ‘vegetables are healthy’, as kids tend to think that healthy food tastes bad. Rather, talk about how delicious vegetables and nutritious foods are. Set limits on snacking. If your child is hungry, he’ll eat what you serve.
Sleep: The number of hours a child needs to sleep changes with the age. Here’s what health and sleep experts recommend.

  • 6 months to 2 yrs: 12 hrs of sleep
  • 3 yrs to 4 yrs: 10 hrs sleep
  • 5 yrs to 7 yrs: 7-8 hrs sleep

Also, ensure your child has good oral hygiene, like brushing teeth before going to bed.

Bed Wetting: If your child is in the habit of bedwetting, a few pre-sleep measures should help

  • Waterproof the bed
  • Keep an eye on your child’s fluid intake around bedtime
  • Deworming for children > 2yrs
  • Help him/her keep his/her bladder empty
  • Consult your Paediatrician if you still can’t solve the problem
Lying: There are 3 main reasons why kids tend to lie: to get attention, to avoid getting into trouble, and to feel better about themselves. Understanding the reason why the child is lying can help you determine the best course of action.
Impulsive Behaviour: Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But many kids struggle to understand the difference between feeling angry and aggressive behaviour. Deal by teaching problem-solving skills.

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