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What are the complications during pregnancy?
What are the complications during pregnancy?

With a bundle of happiness, also come a few complications. These complications can involve the mental as well as physical health of the mother, fetus, or both. Complications of pregnancy can range from a mild and annoying discomfort to severe and painful illness. It becomes difficult for women to understand which symptoms are normal and which are not.

Women should be encouraged for a preconception checkup to avoid the risk of complications in pregnancy. Here are some common complications to be taken care off before they become serious:


Anemia is a condition where there is lower than the normal number of healthy Red Blood Cells in the body. Pregnancy-related anemia may make you tired, weak, and look pale. This can be helped by taking iron and folic supplements.


High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is caused when arteries that carry blood from the heart to organs narrow down. Thus affecting the amount of blood reaching the placenta, which provides nutrients and oxygen to the fetus.


This is caused due to increased blood supply to the skin. As your baby grows inside, the skin of the abdomen stretches causing severe itching.


During pregnancy, your baby is protected from all the common infections and illnesses. But some infections can cause serious harm to the mother and the baby. These infections can cause miscarriage, low birth weight, and birth defects. Some infections can also pass from the mother to the infant while giving birth. Such infections can be prevented with appropriate preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care.


Common pregnancy pains

The body of pregnant women goes through a lot of changes that support the healthy development of the fetus. With these changes, you experience a lot of pain and body aches. All you have to do is identify the pain that may be a cause of concern.

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