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Breastfeeding secrets every mom should know
Breastfeeding secrets every mom should know

It is a known fact that breastfeeding is important to the health and well-being of the baby and mother. The nutrients from breast milk help the babies fight illness, infections and other potential diseases. Breastfeeding sometimes become a difficult task. Here are a few secrets about breastfeeding every mom should know.

  • Increase milk supply by pumping the other breast

One of the most effective ways to increase the breast milk supply is by pumping on other, while the baby is nursing on the other side and vice versa. The extra milk can be stored and used later.

  • Breast milk comes in cycles

While nursing, the first few minutes that the baby is fed with is more water based. The thicker part of milk (Hind Milk) comes down later.

  • Feeding Cycle

Try to feed the baby within the first hour of delivery. That’s when your breast produces colostrum or first milk which is packed with nutrients in small amounts. It is all that the newborn needs.

  • Breastfeeding relieves stress

Breastfeeding builds a magical bond between you and your baby. It helps you relieve stress and relax.

  • Offer the second one only if needed

Don’t be in a hurry to offer the second breast while feeding until the baby leaves by the first one by themselves.  


Women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of time, and babies have thrived on breast milk throughout the ages! Still, it’s a new challenge. So it’s always advised to learn as much as you can before you start. Breastfeeding becomes easier with the right help. Get the best guidance for breastfeeding by experts at Shenoy Hospitals. Call 040-41519999 for appointments or emergencies.

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